Geplaatst op: 2019-01-08 14:56

The CapitalCup - Dutch Open

Will be played in the weekend from
6-7-8-9 and 10 June.

We are busy to work it out with the courses etc. but we can tell you it will be a spectacular event.


6th June - Practice day
7th June - First day singles
8th June - Second day singles
9th June - Final day singles
10th June - Countries tournament.

All countries that are present with at least 4 players will compete to see which country is the strongest during this event.

Who will be the winner next year? 
Thijs van rookhuizen again?
Jim Kuipers?
Fabien Helbois?
Or will it be the BIG BEN?

The course

On which course do you hope this tournament will be played?
The course from last year in rotterdam?
Or the course in amsterdam?

In the next few weeks we will give you a full update.

Place from the course
Entree fee
Best hotels etc

Merry Christmas everybody and hope to see you all soon in 2019!